18th September 2020

Abdominal acupuncture

Abdominal acupuncture is a form of microsystem acupuncture.  Micro means small and system is the body.  It means that the whole of your body is reflected in the tummy.  Any issues with the body can be dealt with by inserting thin needles into the corresponding body parts on the tummy.  Abdominal acupuncture is all the fashion in China and is performed in hospitals all over Asia.

It can be dated back to 2000BC, however due to ladies of higher statues not being able to expose their bellies the tradition died out.  It has only become fashionable after Dr Bo rediscovered it in 1991.  Since then the research in this type of acupuncture in China has exploded and they perform it everywhere.  

Its success is based on a number of different reasons. 

  • The needle sensation felt by the client is very minimal as it is only the tummy that is needled.
  • The time the needles are kept in is shorter a session typically can range from 10 mins to 30 mins as apposed to 40 in a normal acupuncture session.
  • Clients can remain clothed which appeals to some people.
  • Only a small number of needles are used, typically around 10 to 14, as opposed to 24 to 28 in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
  • Needle depth is less, some are only inserted a few mms.
  • The organs are closer to the needles and the treatment is generally more effective and results are felt quicker.
  • Going into TCM functions, the triple burner can be stimulated by nearly all needles, which is super imported for water movement around the body (it’s our cooling system).

There’s actually a million and 1 reasons why abdominal acupuncture is super effective and for anyone suffering with pretty much anything then it is a must.