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Neuro Muscular Screening is coming to Cockermouth, Cumbria in the new year 2023.

KORE therapy is a unique muscle test that asks the body basic questions. The questions can be simple, for example, if the body is capable of performing a basic function such as walking, bending, reaching, twisting or other bodily functions such as excreting and breathing.

The unique test’s results mean that the root of imbalances are quickly located and are dealt with. To deal with most symptoms a KORE consultant specialises in a range of treatments. These can range from acupuncture, fire cupping and pelvic re-alignment, cranial sacral therapy or anmo fu to name a few. KORE Consultants also have ways to deal with emotional trauma in the body, which can manifest itself physically. The aim is to boost the body’s system, including immune, mobility, performance and balance to be the strongest it can be.

Cockermouth, Cumbria

Working from the gorgeous Georgian market town of Cockermouth in the Lake District. The surrounding areas of Keswick, Workington, Whitehaven, Wigton and Maryport are all catered for with this amazing holistic approach to the body.

Having a stable base means a stable mind and having a stable mind means having a stable base. KORE therapist all over the UK work with this approach.

Understand more by watching you tube. An amazing KORE therapist Victoria Sprigg has got her own you tube channel out has produced a series of KORE sessions with her clients. She talks about her treatment and what she is looking for in her clients. It’s quite interesting and can give some insight into what a KORE treatment looks and feels like. ASMR Kore Therapy with Victoria and Jez | 1 of 3 – YouTube.

The flyers that are advertising some of the Kore therapies that are on offer at the beginning of 2023.

A little more information on what is on offer from Cockermouth, covering surrounding areas of the beautiful Lake District and beyond.

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