28th September 2020

Fire Cupping

Fire cupping is an ancient treatment that draws out toxins which have built up in the body’s tissue.  It uses glass cups and fire to create a vacuum that when placed over the skin it sucks up the skin and sucks up stagnation and waste from deep within the body tissue. 

It creates marks where the cups have been as it draws out the toxins, but they don’t hurt, they are not bruises.  The body’s lymphatic system then gets rid of the toxins.  The marks can last from a week up to 10 days.   Some famous sports people have had pictures with these marks on their back and shoulders.

It doesn’t have to be the back that is cupped it can be anywhere on the body.  Tennis stars have the legs and calfs cupped to release tightness.

Fire cupping works perfectly with KORE therapy. Please see my Kore therapy page for more information about the unique muscle test to test the body and find out where in the structure your body is not working to the best it can.

Fire Cupping performed in Wilsden, Bingley Bradford