4th September 2020

Kore Therapy

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Kore therapy specialist covering Baildon, Bingley & surrounding areas of West Yorkshire

What makes KORE Therapy different?

Kore therapy is a very different approach to treating the body.  It locates the root of the problem and makes subtle changes and by these changes the body heals itself quicker. At the beginning of any treatment there is a muscular skeletal test that asks the body very simple questions.  ‘Are you happy walking?’  ‘Are you happy twisting’ etc etc.  The answers to these questions will tell the practitioner where in the structure of the body is the problem, it gets to the root. 

The results of the test will then determine what kind of treatment follows.   This ensures that the client always gets the best possible treatment for their time on the couch and it focuses the time perfectly to what their body needs to make it stronger.   

The tests results cannot lie and cannot be controlled by the mind it is the body that is asked the questions therefore it gets the root of what is wrong, which isn’t always what has been diagnosed.

The test is done over clothes. 

Professional Kore therapy treatments

It is a unique test and has amazing results.   The body is very clever and will always do the best it can. As a result of this it might mean transfering pain.  Sometimes when pain is felt in the lower back it is actually the neck and the occiput that is effected.  This unique muscle test will tell me where there is a problem and I will then direct the rest of the treatment to restoring the body’s health. 

The treatments can vary with every visit and can involve a number of different styles within your time with me.   The following can all be used or I can add Acupuncture into the mix.

Cranial Release


With the increasing use of mobile phones, iPad and computers we are all starting to form a forward head position.  There are 2 points, one on the ear (SI19) and one on the shoulder (GB21) if these 2 points line up and have between 2.5 cm and 5cm distance the person is suffering from forward head position.  If these 2 points measure more than 5 cms apart then it is classed as a Turtle neck position. This can lead to strokes and dementia later on in life. The reason being is that there are restrictions on the spinal cord, blood vessels and nerves travelling through the occiput.    Also effected is the lower back.  A skull can weight on average 6-8kgs and pressure with the forward position on the neck transfers down though the spine and releases at the lower back. 

Prevention is better than cure and treated early enough to recorrect the stacking of the spine will save a lot of trouble later on in life.   

Fire Cupping.

Fire cupping is a very old treatment that draws out toxins which have bene built up in the body’s tissue.  It uses glass cups and fire to create a vacuum that when placed over the skin it sucks up the skin and sucks up stagnation and waste from deep within the body tissue.  It creates marks where the cups have been as it draws out the toxins, but they don’t hurt, they are not bruises.  The body’s lymphatic system then gets rid of the toxins.  The marks can last form a week up to 10 days.   Some famous sports people have had pictures with these marks on their back and shoulders. It doesn’t have to be the back that is cupped it can be anywhere on the body.  Tennis stars have the legs and calfs cupped to release tightness.

Pelvic and Leg patterning.

This specific massage movement which is done on the legs, repatterns everything traveling up the spine to vertebra T6.   Anyone suffering from hip or pelvic pain, pain in the sitting bones, knees, lower back and lower shoulders this technique needs to be included in your treatment.  It is a gentle movement but works incredibly well.

Tuina or spinal release.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the spine is actually a microsystem, which means all of the body if reflected in the spine.  By treating the spine we can directly influence the organs and internal body.   Any spine restrictions will mean the body isn’t functioning as well as it could be. By performing Tuina or spinal release massage it releases any blockages or tightness along the spine and realigns the vertebra resulting in the body functioning better.