4th September 2020


Thank you for your interests in healthcare from Innovative Treatments.

The clinic runs from 3 different places. The reason being, I used to live in Bradford and in 2023 moved to the North Western Lake District.

Monday and Thursday you can find me working from Visage Therapy Centre, Cockermouth. Address. Elm Tree House, Crown Street
Cockermouth, Cumbria  CA13 0EH. Please find on google maps

Wednesday and Friday you can find me working from the Senhouse Centre, Whitehaven.

3, Senhouse Street, Whitehaven CA28 7ES

Once a month, for a week, I disappear from Cumbria and head back to God’s own country and visit family and friends in West Yorkshire. You can find me working from The Beauty Lounge in Bradford. Dates do vary so please get in touch to be on that monthly list.

The Beauty Lounge. Wells house. Main Street, Wilsden. BD15 0JW

Please call 07853 490831 to speak directly to Joanna or email: feelgood@innovativetreatments.co.uk

Find me by clicking on this link Facebook which should take you directly to my Facebook feed. I put information on there on what I’ve been doing,

Or find me on Instagram by clicking the highlighted link. It has photos and details of what I’ve been doing.

Its never been easier to contact me. You can do this through Whatsapp, facebook, facebook messenger, instagram, through the email link above or simply drop me a text or phone call to speak directly to me.