Bespoke cosmetic and clinical treatments
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Acupuncture specialist providing a bespoke service to treat your physical & mental health.

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Kore Therapy

Kore therapy specialist, using multiple holistic techniques to diagnose issues and treat your body.

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A blend of modern and traditional massage techniques combined to provide personalised treatments.

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Traditional Thai therapy offering a relaxing and stimulating experience that provides long term health benefits.

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An Ancient therapy using suction cups for pain relief, improving blood flow, inflammation, relaxation and well being.

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Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle approach to help relieve and balance the bones in the skull. It can soothe pain in the body caused by restrictions in the head. It can be used to treat emotional trauma which has manifested physical pain.

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Cosmetic Treatments

A completely natural alternative to chemical treatments such as Botox, Collagen injections and chemical peels.


A selection of natural hand made face and body products to compliment your holistic treatments.

If you are interested in how our unique treatments services can enhance your health and well being then please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Innovative Treatments

A contemporary approach to ancient medical treatments

Professional treatments for existing medical conditions, sports and wellness carried out in Whitehaven, Cockermouth in the North West Lake District and Bradford in Yorkshire. Specific treatments such as Acupuncture, Massage and Fire Cupping are available as well as bespoke treatments which blend various practices specifically for your requirements. Certified in 2008 from the prestigious college of Wha Po in Bangkok Joanna Townend of Innovative Treatments brings a delightful blend of Eastern Ancient healing into the west using a modern day approach. Living and working in the East for over 3 years has resulted in treatments that view the whole body, including energy channels, organs and tailors each visits to suit your needs. As well as physically treating an area or a condition the therapist uses her knowledge of Traditional Chinese healing and meridian flows to stretch and unblock the meridian channels resulting in a completely holistic approach to medical conditions, wellness and wellbeing.


If you are interested in how our unique treatments services can enhance your health and well being then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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